Seasons of Setting: Adapting Concrete Work to Salt Lake City’s Climate

Seasons of Setting: Adapting Concrete Work to Salt Lake City's Climate

Seasons of Setting: Adapting Concrete Work to Salt Lake City’s Climate

While climate change is a global issue, many of its impacts are felt at a local community level. For example, high air temperatures can lead to heat related illnesses and increased demand on the energy grid for cooling.

Clothes and nature can hint at the season—leaves crunching underfoot or a light cotton shirt might indicate spring; bitter cold, ice and snow suggest winter.


A hot summer day in Salt Lake City might feel like it’s coming from every direction, but the heat doesn’t just come from direct sunlight. Commercial concrete needs to set at a certain temperature to have its best performance, and long term durability and resistance to deicing chemicals is enhanced when it is cured properly.

During the summer, workers must work fast to beat the heat and get the concrete to set before it evaporates too much. Exceeding the maximum amount of mixing water for a specific concrete mixture decreases its strength and other properties. Dosages of water-reducing and set-retarding admixtures also need to increase during high temperatures.

This summer, Salt Lake City residents will be able to look forward to a cooler, more comfortable …

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Pests in the Pines: Identifying and Managing Tree Pests in Fort Collins

a ant on the leave

Identifying and Managing Tree Pests in the Pines

Pinon pitch mass borer attacks weakened evergreen trees. It usually kills the terminal leader but can disfigure other branches. Preventing injury and promoting rapid growth will help trees resist attack.

Symptoms include twisted and distorted new growth on fir; needles defoliating early; bark thinning with a rough appearance; and spindle-shaped galls on branches and trunks.


Often mistaken for leafhoppers, plant bugs or caterpillars, aphids are soft-bodied pear-shaped insects that can be green, black, red, yellow, or gray. Adult aphids are usually wingless but may develop wings when populations become too high or in spring and fall.

Aphids damage plants by sucking sap from the stems and leaves. This drains the plant of vital nutrients and water. Infested leaves wilt, curl or twist and may turn yellow. Younger plants that are heavily infested with aphids may produce deformed flowers or fruit and experience stunted growth.

Early detection of aphids is crucial for managing them effectively. Fort Collins CO tree service providers recognize that small and localized infestations can be addressed by employing measures such as spraying with high-pressure water. However, when infestations become widespread or are growing rapidly, it is advisable to …

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Our Favorite Picks

The best Stop Jars and containers

Why you’ll cherish them: If you needn’t bother with containers explicitly to can and you’d preferably not fool with two-piece tops that can get lost or exhausted, at that point the safeguard top structure of the Italian-made Bormioli Rocco Fido containers are an incredible expansion to any kitchen.

Customary Mason containers with screw-top covers are extraordinary for canning and capacity, however not all that advantageous for giving speedy access to day by day use things that you need to snatch rapidly. For that, you should need to consider something with a hostage top “safeguard top” structure like the European-made Fido containers from Italian creator Bormioli Rocco, which include a convenient conclusion that can be opened and shut in seconds with one hand — while as yet offering an impenetrable seal that’ll keep substance new.

Perfectionists may state that these actually aren’t “Artisan containers,” says Josh, an avid user of mason jars and owner of Woolley’s Rain Gutters, as they shun the conventional two-piece top for a hostage pivoted conclusion that seals with an elastic gasket. As a matter of fact, they’re not wrong, but rather we’ve chosen to incorporate these at any rate …

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