Branching Out How to Choose the Best Tree Service

Selecting a reliable tree service in Tallahassee is key for protecting the beauty and value of your property. Aim for one that offers comprehensive tree trimming, pruning, removal and stump grinding services as this will give your tree the care it requires.

Remember, if you hire an uninsured tree service and they cause damage or harm, including to yourself or others, that liability falls on you as the customer.

Make Sure Your Tree Service Pro is Insured

Reputable tree services, like Tallahassee-Tree Service, should have no problem showing you their insurance policies; at a minimum, check their general liability and workers’ compensation coverages.

Choose a company that provides comprehensive tree services such as trimming, stump grinding and emergency tree care services in order to have one point of contact for all of your tree maintenance needs.

Professional Liability Insurance, or Errors & Omissions coverage, should also be carried by any tree service business to protect against mistakes that cause significant financial losses for clients. Inland Marine coverage provides another layer of protection: this covers equipment that needs to be transported over land from business locations directly to job sites like chippers, stump grinders, ladders, and saws that must be transported …

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